Ryan North

Everything's fine. I have no idea what the police are investigating.

Work in Print

Choose-Your-Own-Path Shakespeare

Writer | 2013 - Present

"North has taken an idea that is, by most conventional literary standards, terrible, and pushed it so far past terrible that it wraps around like a comet slingshotting around the sun and comes back as utterly brilliant. - Time

'To Be Or Not To Be' became the #1 most funded publishing project in Kickstarter history when it launched! Romeo and/or Juliet - the sequel - arrived June 7th, 2016 and is ALREADY a New York Times Bestseller!! You should probably buy this book imho

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

Writer | 2014 - Present

The acclaimed (and Eisner-winning!) Marvel Comics series!

"North makes "The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl" #1 (and the series in general) work with a strong sense of humor and a distinct style of superheroism." - Comics Book Resources


Writer | 2016 - 2017

The Eisner-award winning run on the burger-loving teen!

"I have to confess that honest-to-God, hand-on-my-heart, the first chapter of this was among the very best single issues of a comic book series I read last year." - the School Library Journal

Adventure Time

Writer | 2012 - 2014

The Harvey and Eisner-award winning run!

"At this point, I seriously doubt that anyone really needs to be told that Ryan North, Shelly Paroline and Braden Lamb's Adventure Time comic is really, really good. It's been a smash hit since it debuted, and made appearances on almost everyone's Best Of 2012 lists, with good reason. It's consistently great [...]" - Comics Alliance

The Midas Flesh

Writer | 2014

The Midas Flesh includes both dinosaurs, space, AND gold. The complete series has been collected in these two books!

"[...] head straight to your local comic book store and pick up Midas Flesh volume one! You know what, tell your dinosaur-loving friends to get this book, too. Also buy one for all your friends, family, strangers on the street and grab yourself a copy as well." - Bleeding Cool

Machine of Death

Editor, Contributing Writer | 2010, 2013

"Machine Of Death is a marvelous collection, riddled with intelligence, creative reach, and a frankness that makes the best use of the central gimmick." - AV Club

Dinosaur Comics

Creator | 2003 - Present

Read Dinosaur Comics online!

These collections of the webcomic include crazy introductions, impressive appendices, and some ALL NEW CHUCKLEPROMPTS.

Original Sins

Contributing Writer | 2015

This book is a collection of stories taking place during Marvel's "Original Sin" event, and I wrote a story about the Young Avengers! It features MIND READING. :0

Current Projects

Squirrel Girl (art) by Erica Henderson, © MARVEL, Ophelia (art) by Kate Beaton, Midas Flesh (art) by John Keogh, Adventure Time (art) by Chris Houghton, © Cartoon Network