Ryan North

NYT-bestselling Eisner-winning author.

Work in Print

Danger And Other Unknown Risks

Writer | 2023

Erica Henderson and I are back with an all-new, fully-original graphic novel about a young woman, her talking dog, and their adventure to save the world. It's a story about truth, friendship, and chosen family, and choosing hope even when there's none.

"It's been a while since a book sucked me in so completely. The adventure, mystery, humor, and darkness of it all left me floored. How many ways can I say that I loved it? Easily my favorite book of the year." - Tillie Walden, Eisner Award-winning creator of Spinning
"This comic has everything: brilliant artwork, a roller-coaster story, sharp comedy, heartfelt teen romance, and the best talking dog ever. I loved it so much!" - Faith Erin Hicks, New York Times best-selling illustrator of Pumpkinheads
"A kid and their dog going on an adventure may be one of the most classic setups for stories aimed at young people, yet, in the hands of author North and artist Henderson, this frequently seen premise is the invitation to explore an exciting new world... North and Henderson are a delightful team." - Booklist (starred review!)
"An absolutely perfect comic." - SKTCHD
Eisner-nominated (2024) and one of AIPT's Best Comics of 2023!

How to Take Over The World

Writer | 2022
Also translated into: Chinese, Japanese

Comic book world domination schemes can be pretty wild, involving things like floating bases, digging a tunnel to the Earth's core to hold it hostage, and more. But it turns out, with the right science, technology, and inventions, they're much more achievable than they might seem! I'm extremely proud of this book and can't wait for you to read it - find out more here!

"Knowledge, [North] proposes, is the greatest superpower of all. An exuberant handbook for making the world better." - Kirkus
"An eclectic journey, full to the brim with North's trademark sarcasm and humor. An excellent starting point for anyone interested in learning more about cutting edge science or becoming a supervillain." - Booklist
"Highly recommended, and like [How To Invent Everything] a perfect gift for a curious teen. And really, who isn't curious about becoming a supervillain? Don't miss this one." - Jo Walton, Tor
A popular science book that tours a wide-ranging set of technological ideas by means of explaining how to realize the supervillain plots so beloved of Marvel comics... full of extremely funny, extremely informative riffs that make for an engrossing frame for very deep dives into knowledge that are esoteric, interdisciplinary, and damned interesting. - Cory Doctorow
One of Esquire's Best Books of 2022 - and NPR's too! Longlisted for the AAAS Young Adult Science Book award!

How to Invent Everything

Writer | 2018
Also translated into: Chinese, Danish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Taiwanese

Have you ever wondered about what you'd do if you were sent back in time? Have you ever worried that you don't know enough about how our modern technological world works to be able to rebuild it from scratch? I KNOW I HAVE. And that's partly why I wrote my new book: a hilarious non-fiction book wrapped in a fictional candy coating. With this book, you're going to make history... better.

"A fun, thoughtful, and thoroughly accessible reference for curious readers, students, and world-builders, as well as wayward time travelers." - Publisher's Weekly (starred review!)

"Despite being genuinely funny in the mode of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, 'How to Invent Everything' is consistently accurate in engineering terms and proof, were it needed, that our technological evolution has been one of the unsung wonders of the world. A superb, exciting and entertaining read." - Engineering and Technology Magazine

One of both NPR's and BBC Science Focus's best books of 2018!

How to Be a T.Rex

Writer | 2018

Being a regular old human is kind of a drag. That's why Sal is not going to be a teacher or doctor or lawyer when she grows up. She is going to grow up to be an awesome Tyrannosaurus Rex. Her brother thinks it's impossible, but Sal sure shows him! And in the beginning, being a T. Rex is AWESOME. But did you know that it's kind of hard to make friends when you are a super-giant, super-loud, super-stompy dinosaur? If only there were a way for Sal to be 100% awesome, 100% of the time...

It's my picture book debut with a bright, bold, and quirky story about finding--and taming--the beast within!

"Hilarious, emotionally poignant, and just a little bit sassy." - Kirkus (starred review!)

Choose-Your-Own-Path Shakespeare

Writer | 2013 - 2017
Also translated into: Chinese, Spanish (Romeo and/or Juliet)

I turned Shakespeare into adventure books where you decide what happens next! To Be or Not To Be became the #1 most-funded publishing project on Kickstarter when it launched, and Romeo and/or Juliet was an instant New York Times bestseller and won an YASLA Alex Award, as a book written for adults that has special appeal to young adults!

"North has taken an idea that is, by most conventional literary standards, terrible, and pushed it so far past terrible that it wraps around like a comet slingshotting around the sun and comes back as utterly brilliant. - Time

Licensed Graphic Novels

Writer | 2020 - Present

Besides these I also wrote Fantastic Four, Squirrel Girl, Jughead, and Adventure Time, but I did so many of those that they got their own sections, below!

Slaughterhouse-Five: The Graphic Novel
Slaughterhouse-Five: The Graphic Novel
, 2020. Also translated into: Danish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (in both Brazil and Portugal), Spanish (in both Argentina and Spain), and Turkish.
Albert Monteys and I were honoured to adapt, for the first time, Kurt Vonnegut's incredible book into the medium of comics. The classic anti-war scifi dark comedy comes to life in a whole new (and Eisner-nominated!) way.
"The best, and most effective, graphic novel adaptation of a literary novel in recent memory." - Library Journal (starred review!)
"A rare graphic adaptation that enriches a literary classic... this tragic, bleakly funny take on Vonnegut's defining work will send enthused readers back to the source, and deserves a place beside it on the shelf." - Publisher's Weekly (starred review!)

The Power Pack, literal children with literal superpowers, are back! Only now they've got a mentor who's probably bad news and a whole host of problems. It's the first in-continuity Power Pack story in 20 years, and you can buy it in a single book! Featuring the talents of artist Nico Leon, colourist Rachelle Rosenberg, letterer Travis Lanham, and editor Sarah Brunstad.
"If you are a Power Pack fan or just a fan of comic books this is a series that needs to be added to your collection today." - Comicon
One of Polygon's Best Comics of 2021!
The Mystery of the Meanest Teacher
The Mystery of the Meanest Teacher
, 2021. Also translated into French!
Squirrel Girl artist Derek Charm and I reunite for a middle-grade take on the Hellraiser himself: John Constantine! It's a fun all-ages take on perhaps the last character you'd ever expect to see in a middle-grade adventure for younger readers, all in stand-alone adventure perfect for the little heckraiser in your life. And it was chosen as a New York Times summer graphic novel for middle-grade readers!
"A terrific middle-grade debut for a classic DC antihero... this is the best of DC's middle-grade graphic novels yet." - Kirkus
One of Polygon's Best Comics of 2021!
The hit animated Star Trek show becomes a hit comic book, with incredible art by Chris Fenoglio! See what happens when a second-contact mission goes off the rails in a very Prime Directive-y way, and also Dracula's in it.
"Nothing short of a miracle." - Multiversity
"Put some respect on the Cali class! The Lower Decks comic has earned it." - Comics Beat
Artist Francesco Mobili and I bring you an all-new spy thriller filled with twists, turns, shapeshifters, and Skrulls!
"North's dialogue magnificently walks on tenterhooks until it needs to strike with a spine-chilling twist..." - But Why Tho

Fantastic Four

Writer | 2022 - Present
Also translated into: Spanish, Portuguese, Italian

The World's Greatest Comic Magazine is back! The first collection is out now, more are coming, and there's brand-new issues every month at a comic shoppe near you! One of Paste Magazine's best comics of 2022, AIPT's and Newsarama's best comics of 2023, and Multiversity's Most Fun Ongoing Comic of 2023!

"This series has not only proven to be consistently inventive and entertaining, but it's also managed to make a full-on fan out of me." - AIPT

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

Writer | 2014 - 2019
Also translated into: French, Japanese, Spanish

The acclaimed (and Eisner-winning!) Marvel Comics series!

Marvel Rising
Marvel Rising

A special stand-alone story, co-written with Devin Grayson and G. Willow Wilson, showing Squirrel Girl and Ms. Marvel meeting for the first time!
Squirrel Girl Omnibus
Squirrel Girl Omnibus

Every Squirrel Girl comic I ever wrote - literally all of 'em! - in one colossal book!
"A first-purchase for all graphic novel collections." - School Library Journal (starred review!)


Writer | 2016 - 2017

The Eisner-award winning run on the burger-loving teen!

"I have to confess that honest-to-God, hand-on-my-heart, the first chapter of this was among the very best single issues of a comic book series I read last year." - School Library Journal

Adventure Time

Writer | 2012 - 2015
Also translated into: French, Russian

The Harvey and Eisner-award winning run!

"At this point, I seriously doubt that anyone really needs to be told that Ryan North, Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb's Adventure Time comic is really, really good. It's been a smash hit since it debuted, and made appearances on almost everyone's Best Of 2012 lists, with good reason. It's consistently great [...]" - Comics Alliance


Writer | 2014, 2019
Also translated into: Italian

What if King Midas was scientifically accurate, and also in space? This space opera comedy explores a galaxy of gold, dinosaurs, and conflict. The complete series was been collected as "The Midas Flesh" in two trades in 2014, and then collected into a single book - as was always intended - under the title "Midas" in 2019!

"This fascinating, humorous sci-fi twist on the King Midas myth will attract many readers." - School Library Journal

Machine of Death

Editor, Contributing Writer | 2010, 2013
Also translated into: French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Spanish

What if there was a machine that could tell you how you were going to die... but not when? These two books - spun off from a Dinosaur Comic - collect tons of amazing short stories exploring the full potential of that premise.

"Machine Of Death is a marvelous collection, riddled with intelligence, creative reach, and a frankness that makes the best use of the central gimmick." - AV Club

Dinosaur Comics

Creator | 2003 - Present
Also translated into: Russian

It's the same pictures with different words - and it's way better than it sounds! You can read Dinosaur Comics online too!

These collections of the webcomic include crazy introductions, impressive appendices, and some ALL NEW CHUCKLEPROMPTS.

Stand-alone stories

Writer | 2008 - Present

Not sure if you want to commit to reading an entire book by me? I get it. Try these bite-sized short stories instead!

Flight Vol 5
Flight Vol 5
, 2008: A story about what happens when the world stops spinning and everyone flies into a wall. Art by John Martz!
Lightspeed Magazine
Lightspeed Magazine Issue 38
, 2013: My short story "Cancer" was printed in Lightspeed magazine, and now you can click to read it online!
Original Sins
Original Sins
, 2015: This book is a collection of stories taking place during Marvel's "Original Sin" event, and I wrote a story about the Young Avengers! It features MIND READING, with art by Ramon Villalobos!
Oh Joy Sex Toy: Vol 2
Oh Joy Sex Toy, Vol 2
, 2015: While this book mostly features Erika Moen's great educational comics about sex, there's some guest comics in it too, including one by me and Trudy "Oglaf" Cooper about the most SFW sexual fetishes you can find on YouTube! :0
Bill and Ted
Bill and Ted's Most Triumphant Return
, 2016: I wrote a backup story for this series, starring Bill, Ted, and a programming problem with the Good Robot Usses. Ian McGinty brought it to life!
Gwenpool Holiday Special: Merry Mix Up #1
Gwenpool Holiday Special: Merry Mix Up #1
, 2016: Nathan Stockman and I bring you the story of when Spider-Man met Galactus on the most special night of the year.
1001 Knights
1001 Knights
, 2017: Kevin Jay Stanton and I contributed a comic about the real story of Medusa, and why she's so great. Spoiler alert: she is extremely great.
Free Comic Book Day with the CBLDF
Defend Comics! (Free Comic Book Day to Help the CBLDF)
, 2017: Braden and Shelli and I told the true story of the secret encryption devices Mattel doesn't want you to know about... hidden within a Barbie typewriter.
A Year of Marvels
A Year of Marvels
, 2017: A special Valentine's Day comic about Spider-Man and the Vulture!
Not Brand Echh
Not Brand Echh #14
, 2017: Erica and I contributed the story of Squirrel Girl's own dating service for super villains!
Boom Box Mixtape
Boom Box Mixtape
, 2018: Braden and Shelli and I revisited the world of The Midas Flesh for a short comic featuring dinosaurs in the distant future.
Inhumans: Once and Future Kings
, 2018: Gustavo Duarte and I created five two-page minicomics about Lockjaw, The Giant Inhuman Dog! I love that dog.
Thanos Annual #1
Thanos Annual #1
, 2018: Will Robson and I made the bleakest, darkest Thanos story we could. Guess what? It's pretty bleak and dark!
Infinity Warps #1
Infinity Warps #1
, 2018: What if Squirrel Girl and Moon Girl were mashed up into one character? Wonder no more! Featuring art by Moon Girl artist Natacha Bustos.
Vault of Spiders #2
Vault of Spiders #2
, 2018: If Aunt May had been bitten by a radioactive spider, instead of Peter, you might end up with a comic like this. Art by David Williams!
Gender And The Superhero Narrative
Gender And The Superhero Narrative
, 2018: A great set of essays about superheroes and gender - I wrote the introduction!
Destiny Comic Collection: Volume One
Destiny Comic Collection: Volume One
, 2019: Two stories co-written here, set within Bungie's Destiny game universe! One of them, a collection exclusive, involves SWEEPERBOT.
Minecraft: Stories from the Overworld
Minecraft: Stories from the Overworld
, 2019: An anthology of Minecraft stories: mine is about a Creeper who wakes up in the woods, with no idea of how Creepers are supposed to act. It's sweet!
Spider-Verse #2
Spider-Verse #2, 2019: Spider-Ma'am, the caring Aunt May, returns! Only now things are a lot creepier. Art by Pere Pérez!
Fantastic Four: Negative Zone #1
Fantastic Four: Negative Zone #1, 2019: The Fantastix, who you might think are just a knock-off of the Fantastic Four, try to find their place in the world. Art by Steve Uy!
Tales Through The Marvel Universe
Tales Through The Marvel Universe
, 2019: I contributed a short story called "Market Correction" about Iron Man fighting the 2008 financial crisis. It's real good. Art by Rod Reis!
Marvel Comics 1000
Marvel Comics 1000
, 2019: A collection of single-page comics covering all of Marvel's history! I contributed one about Galactus, whomst I love. Art by James Harren!
Better Than IRL
Better Than IRL
, 2020: A collection of essays about when the internet was good. Mine's about a forgotten Ottawa-valley "hacker" named Sommy!
Mr. Boop Vol II
Mr. Boop Vol II
, 2020: Derek Charm and I contributed a guest comic to this non-fiction documentary series about Alec, who is married to Betty Boop.
The Darkhold: Iron Man
The Darkhold: Iron Man
, 2021: A one-shot body horror Iron Man story written by me and drawn by Guillermo Sanna Bauza, collected in this volume. A personal favourite!
Intense Issue #2
, 2023: When a futurist asks you to contribute an article to their lifestyle magazine from the future, you say yes.
Extreme Venomverse #1
Extreme Venomverse #1
, 2023: What if Spider-Man had died, and Eddie Brock had taken over for him? What kind of man would he be? What kind of hero? Art by Paulo Siqueira!
Star Trek: Day of Blood: Shaxs' Best Day
Star Trek: Day of Blood: Shaxs' Best Day
, 2023: Shaxs goes ham on fascist Klingons for the full issue; it's AMAZING (and Eisner-nominated!) Art by Derek Charm!

Research papers

Author | 2003 - 2007

Besides creating science fiction, I've also created actual science.

Scheme 2 Java
Scheme 2 Java
, R. North., 2003: My undergraduate honours project focused on translating code from a functional paradigm into an imperative language. I wasn't sure it was possible, but it kinda is! Unpublished... until now.
Statistical Measures of the Semi-Productivity of Light Verb Constructions
Statistical Measures of the Semi-Productivity of Light Verb Constructions
, S. Stevenson, A. Fazly, and R. North., 2004: Proceedings of the ACL 2004 Workshop on Multiword Expressions: Integrating Processing, 1-8. Barcelona, Spain, August, 2004.
Automatically Distinguishing Literal and Figurative Usages of Highly Polysemous Verbs
Automatically Distinguishing Literal and Figurative Usages of Highly Polysemous Verbs
, A. Fazly, R. North, and S. Stevenson: Proceedings of the ACL 2005 Workshop on Deep Lexical Acquisition, 38-47. Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, June, 2005.
Computational Measures of the Acceptability of Light Verb Constructions
Computational Measures of the Acceptability of Light Verb Constructions
, R. North: A thesis submitted in conformity with the requirements for the degree of Master of Science, 2005.
Automatically Determining Allowable Combinations of a Class of Flexible Multiword Expressions
Automatically Determining Allowable Combinations of a Class of Flexible Multiword Expressions
, A. Fazly, R. North, and S. Stevenson: Proceedings of the International Conference on Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Text Processing (CICLing 2006), 81-92. Mexico City, Mexico, 2006.
Automatically Learning Semantic Knowledge about Multiword Predicates
Automatically Learning Semantic Knowledge about Multiword Predicates
, A. Fazly, S. Stevenson, and R. North: Language Resources and Evaluation, 41(1), 61-89, 2007.

Current Projects

Squirrel Girl art by Erica Henderson, © Marvel Comics, Ophelia art by Kate Beaton, How To Invent Everything art by Derek Charm, Kid Constantine art by Derek Charm, © DC Comics, Slaughterhouse-Five art by Albert Monteys, How To Be A T.rex art by Mike Lowery.